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HFES has always had a strong presence on the IEA Council. This can be seen most readily in the strong leadership tradition that HFES members have established. HFES can claim as its own 7 of the 17 presidents in IEA history, 4 secretaries-general, and 2 treasurers. These include some of our most visible professionals: Alphonse Chapanis, Harry L. Davis, Hal W. Hendrick,
Martin G. Helander, Y. Ian Noy, Waldemar Karwowski, Pascale Carayon, and Kenneth R. Laughery. HFES members have also held nonelected but very important positions in IEA.

For example, Barbara A. Silverstein currently serves on the Executive Committee as chair of the International Development Standing Committee. Many other HFES
members have served in similar positions and contributed mightily. This rich heritage can be traced to the early founding of the organization by those who did much even without holding official leadership positions. Moreover, there has consistently been an officer from HFES during the last 11 terms of the IEA Council, now spanning 31 years.

The IEA is indebted to all the contributions that HFES members have made.
HFES members belong to the largest federated society in IEA. This is an indication of the Society’s vitality and its contribution to the worldwide community. Several years ago, the HFES Executive Council approved sending the president and executive director to IEA Council meetings as part of our delegation, which also includes the chair of the HFES IEA Representatives
Committee. Their presence shows a commitment and expertise that is invaluable in demonstrating leadership by example. It gives HFES leaders a useful perspective on what is going on in the rest of the world as well as new opportunities.

Beyond the leadership and active involvement on the IEA Council, I appreciate the contributions that mature societies such as HFES have made financially. We recently modified our 50-year-old dues structure, which caused a significant increase for HFES. I know that this contribution is difficult in these challenging
economic times. Additionally, HFES members have been generous in their individual contributions to IEA. It is precisely because of this generosity that IEA is able to take on such important endeavors as spreading ergonomics expertise via “lighthouse” projects in industrially developing countries. Once
again, IEA and the world community are grateful for your contributions
and generosity.

Of course, any list of the many contributions HFES has made must include its information infrastructure and scientific contributions to the field. HFES publications – including Human Factors, the HFES Annual Meeting proceedings, the Digital Library – and active participation at various international meetings have advanced our discipline around the world.

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