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My efforts clearly prove that we can successfully use the mass media to share the HF/E message. Writing is a very democratic opportunity, and I encourage you to try it for yourself. There are some things you need to know, though, before you get started. You may think that your long list of academic publications, government documents, or internal documents necessarily implies success in commercial publishing, but you would be wrong.

Commercial publishing is very different from the publishing most Society
members do. It is a business, and in order to be successful, you have to demonstrate that you know and can follow its rules. Recall the three-point bottom line I mentioned earlier. For us, expertise is a given; the other two aspects are not. A thorough discussion of commercial publishing is not the point of this article (it may make a good workshop at a future annual meeting if there is enough interest), but I’ll give two quick examples of what I mean.

One critical element is the actual writing. You’ve surely noticed that this article doesn’t read like a typical academic article. And some grammar and formatting rules I’m using may be driving APA style purists crazy.

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Eugenia M. Kolasinski is a Florida-based freelance writer, human
factors/ergonomics professional, and former West Point professor. She received her Ph.D. in human factors psychology from the University of Central Florida. She writes on HF/E topics and on professional bowling. She is also an avid beginning bowler whose highest game bowled is 225 – in practice.

Eugenia M. Kolasinski
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