Project Technical Requirements Specification for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-02

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In this Project Technical Requirements Specification (PTRS) “AMS” will refer to the total complement of activities, hardware, software, test, integration and operation of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer – 02 (AMS-02). The flight hardware is referred to as the “AMS Payload” and is comprised of two parts: the “AMS Experiment” provided by the International AMS Experiment Collaboration and the “AMS Payload Integration Hardware (PIH)” provided by the Mission Planning and Integration Office (MPIO) of the Space and Life Sciences Directorate with the support of Lockheed Martin Space Operations (LMSO). This PTRS specifically covers the PIH provided by MPIO/LMSO.
The AMS Experiment is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector containing a large, cryogenic superfluid helium superconducting magnet (Cryomag) that will be designed, constructed, tested and operated by an international team organized under United States Department of Energy (DOE) sponsorship. The AMS Experiment will use the unique environment of space to advance knowledge of the universe and potentially lead to a clearer understanding of the universe’s origin. Specifically, the science objectives of the AMS are to search for antimatter (anti-helium and anti-carbon) in space, to search for dark matter (90% of the missing matter in the universe) and to study astrophysics (to understand Cosmic Ray propagation and confinement time in the Galaxy).

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