Requirements and Specifications Modeling

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The module begins with a discussion on the benefits of incorporating RSM into a system design process. Definitions are provided to ensure that terms are understood within the context of RSM. The module then continues with sections on Requirements Engineering and Analysis and on Specification Modeling Methodologies. In these cases, because of the importance of utilizing RSM methodologies in the design of reactive systems, this type of system is described along with their relevant features.

The module then provides a survey of a number of current illustrative methodologies that incorporate some or all of the described RSM features. These are drawn from both industry and academia work. This is followed with an introduction to a number of tools that can be used to apply RSM in a system design. These are again developed from work performed both in industry and academia. Finally, the module concludes with some brief examples on how RSM can be used in the system definition phase of a design.

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The Requirements and Specification (RSM) module provides an introduction to the topic of executable requirements and specifications. Their use leads toward a more formalized listing of requirements and specifications than has been traditionally provided.

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