towards requirements engineering process for embedded systems

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In the last two decades the industry of consumer goods has witnessed a huge increasing of Embedded Systems (ES) applications. This kind of system has been widely used, such as in the areas of entertainment products, medical devices, automotive systems, avionics, industry process control, telecommunication devices and others. Currently it is very rare to find any electronic device that is not controlled by ES.
ES is a computing system specially designed to monitor or control a physical de- vice. This computing system usually receives input data from sensors, it processes these data using microcontrollers or microprocessors and sends the results to user interfaces and/or actuators [3]. Software developed to ES, named firmware, is highly coupled to the hardware designed to the controlled devices.
This paper reports research efforts focused to improve the ES development par- ticularly addressing the issues related to requirements elicitation and specification of embedded systems.

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Luiz Eduardo Galvão Martins, Jaime Cazuhiro Ossada, Anderson Belgamo
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