Recognition of Complex Systems Parameters in Engineering Failures

Keywords Recognition of Complex Systems Parameters in Engineering Failures Recognition of Complex Systems
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A number of incidents led to the high-death toll Including:
• Only one-day of sea trials
• Bulkheads were not tall enough to contain the water in the damaged
• Inadequate number of binoculars supplied to lookouts for ice-bergs and those
were given to the officers and NOT to crew looking for ice-bergs.
• Ropes which were too-short to lower a bucket over
the side of the ship to sample and test water temperature – tap water was
substituted – the temperature was - ْ 2 C
• The lifeboats could accommodate only about 1,200 people —which was still in
excess of the 1,060-person capacity that was the legal requirement for that
• Conclusions: while this disaster happened a long time ago, believing your own
marketing creates a very dangerous project environment

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