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The Incremental Commitment Model process patterns for rapid‐fielding projects

[document] Submitted on 18 September, 2019 - 12:45
Keywords The Incremental Commitment Model process patterns for rapid‐fielding projects
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The USC real‐client MS‐level team projects provide a significant number of projects that are suitable to four of the ICM process patterns: Architected Agile, Use Single NDI, NDI‐intensive, and Services intensive. The research will test the hypothesis that the decision criteria are usable to determine a viable process during the first stage of the life cycle. Architected Agile exemplifies a scalable balance between plan‐driven and agile‐driven approaches [Boehm and Turner 2004]. NDI is an alternative for software developers to reduce development time and cost while increasing software quality and productivity via software reuse [Basili and Boehm 2001; Li et.al 2006]. Use single NDI provides an option
of a ready‐to‐use product either as a complete project solution or as a partial development solution.

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