Top Systems Engineering Issues In US Defense Industry

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The Systems Engineering Division reviewed the top Systems Engineering Issues from the previous two versions (2003 and 2006) and identified additional issues during the workshop. The issues were discussed, reviewed and assigned to affinity groups and then prioritized into the top 5 issues by voting and consensus. For each of the five issues, additional details and explanations were developed, and recommendations were gathered to address their correction or to drive improvement. Special attention was given to making the recommendations actionable and specific. One issue from 2003 and 2006 related to the workforce remains almost unchanged from the previous lists but
the recommended actions are believed to be more focused and actionable in this
version. One other issue from 2006 related to engineering practices remains but has been made more specific, hopefully enabling more precise and focused action. Actions assigned to the NDIA are intended to be executed by the Systems Engineering Division. Where possible, the NDIA SED will solicit the collaboration of other industry groups (e.g., INCOSE, IEEE, AIA, and AIAA) to address the actions, in order to try to have a greater influence across the SE community.

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