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The way forward presented in Section 3.1.1 is a flexible, pilot-driven approach that allows immediate start of a few high-potential pilot programs and evolves an overall 2020 plan based on experience, organizational relationships, commonly understood needs and solutions, and openness to changing threats, new requirements, and emergent technologies. It addresses the risks via a set of recommended next steps. These include 2-4 early pilot projects to involve strong but improvement-oriented DDR&E-external stakeholders in the baseline Systems 2020 definition process; identification of the most promising mix of research and technology capabilities via the pilots and direct interaction with DoD research and development organizations as well as technology developers; incrementally evolving the baseline program definition and strategy based on experience and the changing environment; and coordination between developing high-payoff technologies and developing and applying acquisition practices that stimulate their use. Section 3 also presents a set of potential pilot organizations for the currently-identified technology areas.

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