A Scrutiny of the Software Requirement Engineering process

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Challenges in requirement Engineering
Requirements engineering is a key problem area in the development of complex, software-intensive systems. The complicated part in any system design is what to build [10]. No other part of development can create a problem to the final system if it went wrong as it would become an issue if recognized at a later stage. But if anything went wrong with the requirement engineering phase, it may build an entirely different product instead of the actual de- sired one.
One of the most difficult challenges that we face in the requirements specification process is, making the require- ments as detailed enough to be well understood without over constraining the system and predefining a whole host of things that may be better left to others downstream in the process to handle. The goal is to find the “sweet spot” or the balance point wherein the investment in requirement provides “just the right amount” of specificity and leaves just the “right amount of ambiguity” for others to resolve further downstream (Fig 5) [10].

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