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Equity3 uses world leading MCDA techniques. MCDA has been developed from Decision Theory, which itself is based on a set of principles that describe logical preference. The mathematics that emerges from these accepted principles, guarantees coherence and consistency in the resulting decision.

The science behind MCDA is complex, but analysing decisions with Equity3 couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to understand the systems or equations that support decision making in Equity3; all you have to do is focus on your business objectives and make judgements about your options. Equity3’s structured approach can then be engaged to take the guess work out of decision making.

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Equity3 is a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tool that assists individual decision makers and organisations in obtaining better value-for-money, when allocating limited resources and budgets. It is highly adaptive and can be used to address a variety of problem areas including R&D Investment, Marketing Portfolio Management, Project Prioritisation, Resource Allocation, Capital and Revenue Budgeting Sales Territory Reorganisation and Negotiations. Equity3 is ideal for use with groups as in Decision Conferences.

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