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This EIRENE System Requirements Specification version 15.3.0 is released to address the requirements that are relevant to interoperability of the rail system within the European Community, in particular according to the Directive 2008/57/EC. It has been released alongside a new version of the EIRENE Functional Requirements Specification version 7.3.0, with which consistency was assured.
The document incorporates the relevant requirements for interoperability out of the EIRENE version 15, the additional requirements in the EIRENE Interim version 15.1, the findings of a Working Group managed by the European Railway Agency, with the participation of the UIC, CER, EIM and GSM-R Industry Group, . It includes the ETCS data only radio requirements and a review of the references.
The EIRENE System Requirements Specification version 15.3.0 requirements which are relevant for interoperability in Europe are strictly the ones marked in this version with the category (MI), and these should be verified for certification purposes and authorisation for placing into service in Europe. There is no impact for Individual Constituents or Subsystems certification done according to the applicable requirements in EIRENE previous versions. Within the ERA ERTMS/GSM-R CCM process it was agreed that ERA should recommend the referencing of the EIRENE System Requirements Specification version 15.3.0 in the Annex A of the CCS TSI, as a mandatory document.

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