RFT for Supply and Support of a SmartBus Route 700 ICT System

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10. Alternative Functional and Performance Tender
10.1. A Tenderer may submit an alternative tender (Alternative Tender) provided
(a) the Tenderer also submits a Conforming Tender and
(b) the Alternative Tender is clearly identified as an “Alternative Tender” and
(c) the Alternative Tender meets the scope and functional intent expressed in
Part B Specification and
(d) the Alternative Tender is otherwise made subject to the RFT.

10.2. Where a Tenderer submits an Alternative Tender, it must include any supplementary material, together with associated prices, which demonstrates in detail that such an alternative will fully achieve and/or exceed all the specified functional and performance requirements together with references as to why the additional features may be advantageous.

10.3. Tenderers are encouraged to offer options or solutions which in a novel or innovative way satisfy the Department’s functional and performance requirements in a more cost-effective manner.

10.4. The Department reserves the right to consider on its merits, or not to consider further, or to accept any
Alternative Tender.

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The Department of Infrastructure (‘the Department’) is part of the State of Victoria and any rights and obligations of the Department under these Conditions of Tendering shall be read and construed as rights and obligations of the State.

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