Improving processes for better services

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This document is organized into three main parts:
• Part One: About CMMI for Services
• Part Two: Generic Goals and Generic Practices, and the Process Areas
• Part Three: The Appendices and Glossary
Part One, About CMMI for Services, consists of five chapters:
• Chapter 1, Introduction, offers a broad view of CMMI and the Services constellation,2 concepts of process improvement, the history of models used for process improvement, and different process improvement approaches.
• Chapter 2, Process Area Components, describes all of the components of the CMMI-SVC process areas.
• Chapter 3, Tying It All Together, assembles the model components, explains the concepts of maturity levels and capability levels, and outlines important service concepts.
• Chapter 4, Relationships Among Process Areas, provides insight into the meaning and interactions of the CMMI-SVC process areas.
• Chapter 5, Using CMMI Models, describes paths to adoption and the use of CMMI-SVC for process improvement and benchmarking of practices in a service providing organization.

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