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The Model Portfolio Management (MPM) Guide defines the tasks and products for the Model Portfolio Manager to ensure that the collection of models meets organizational needs, has a planned evolution, meets integration targets, has known risks and quality, and can be used to set and apply modeling best practices/standards. The MPM role works in conjunction with program managers, project managers, and their modelers responsible for their models through a governance process.
The intent of this guide is to provide an organization that is managing a portfolio of models with the terms, tasks, and approaches that can be adopted to create a comprehensive MPM approach. The organizational response to this guide depends on their organizational and modeling objectives as well as available resources. Implementation of this guide could start with an MPM plan and may entail institutionalizing registries, repositories, and reports.
This guide may be useful as a reference document for the pre-award acquisition process (market research through source selection), be placed in the bidder’s reference library, be a reference in the proposal preparation instructions, and used as a reference in the model contract.

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Albert C. Hoheb, Alexander K. Chang, Misak Zetilyan, and Jordan Howie
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