Maintainability and System Effectiveness

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According to Albert Einstein, “Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with the satisfaction of felt needs.” Einstein (1991). Thus, need for transporting, communicating, racing, entertaining, heating, navigating, and similar functions are daily manifested by the human race.
It is common practice to use the word system as a generic term for all solutions for satisfying human needs. System is a collection of mutually related components, selected and arranged after some distinct logical, scientific or instinctive method to perform at least one function with a measurable performance and attributes. Hence, the concept system became viable only when the measurable function is associated with a collection of components.
Although the felt needs cover a very large spectrum of solutions, the word engineering system is commonly used as a generic name for all of them. The most commonly used engineering systems in daily life are aeronautical and aerospace: agricultural, structural, chemical process and processing, civil engineering, electrical and electronic, metallurgical, nuclear, ocean, marine, nautical, petroleum, and similar.

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