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Hypothesis - the application of lean idea would improve the capability of a software development process
- if: Implement lean practices like low work in progress (WIP), pulling work into the process only when capacity was available
- then: Evidence of continuous process improvement like reduced lead times, error rates and variability will be shown
Methodology - An experienced research to observe and write up the operation of the BBC Worldwide Webmedia Department’s software processes
An exploratory case study - focuses only on a software development team which had to work within their existing framework to adopt lean practices
Time Line - 12 months from Oct. 2008 to Oct. 2009

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Lean systems are typically rich in data
Enable a team to be self-organizing and initiate continual improvement
However, data alone is not enough, there must be “effort to constantly improve the details of the production process”

Peter Middleton and David Joyce
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