Rules of the road: a guide for leading successful Integrated Product Teams: Nov 95

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On May 10, 1995, Secretary Perry directed the Department to apply the Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) concept of using IPTs throughout the acquisition process. That direction has been captured in the draft revisions to the DoDD 5000.1 and the DoDI 5000.2. This guide clarifies the instructions contained in those directives for Overarching IPTs (OIPTs) and Working-Level IPTs (WIPTs). Program IPTs are described in the draft “Guide to Implementation and Management of IPPD in DoD Acquisition.” This guide is intended to facilitate organizing and leading effective and efficient Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) that will serve the Acquisition Community and ultimately enhance our capability to provide systems that satisfy the Warfighter’s needs.

The guidance in the extracts from draft DoDI 5000.2 will be mandatory. The other guidelines are not mandatory, but they represent sound business practices and will be included in the discretionary section of the Acquisition Deskbook. This guide describes the IPT process for ACAT ID and IAM acquisition programs, but the concepts should be considered for all programs.

These guidelines are not intended in any way to detract from the responsibility and authority of the Program Manager (PM). The IPT activities discussed on the following pages are designed to assist the PM by engaging OSD and Service staff in early and continuous support and by identifying and resolving issues as early and as quickly as possible. The staff’s mission is to ensure the PM’s success.

This is a “living” document. The draft DoDD 5000.1 and draft DoDI 5000.2 are still under revision; this guide will change in parallel with those documents. Your comments, questions, and recommendations to improve this document are encouraged. Please address them to Mr. John Smith, Acquisition Program Integration, at (703) 614-5420 or e-mail “smithje@am@zeus” or Dr. Margaret Myers, C3I Acquisition Oversight, at (703) 681-4986 or
e-mail “”.

I. N. Blickstein
Director (Acquisition
Program Integration)

Colleen A. Preston
DUSD (Acquisition Reform)

Anthony M. Valletta
DASD (C3I Acquisition)

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