Memorandum for the defense acquisition community: Subject: Update of the DoD 5000 Documents

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For nearly 25 years, Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5000.1 and Instruction 5000.2 have been the centerpiece of defense acquisition policies and procedures. These documents, along with the 5000.2-M documentation manual that was introduced in 1991, describe a disciplined management approach for acquiring systems and materiel to satisfy valid military needs. Since 1971, when the first DoD Directive 5000.1 was issued, the documents have been revised to reflect new priorities and the nation’s evolving acquisition policies. The last major revision was published over four years ago. The Department’s automated information system life-cycle management policy and procedures, originally established by DoD Directive 7920.1 and DoD Instruction 7920.2 in 1978 and updated to DoD Directive 8120.1 and DoD Instruction 8120.2 in 1993, were modeled after the 5000 documents. Now, as part of our acquisition reform effort, we are issuing an updated Directive and Instruction that integrates the 5000 and 8120 policy. The intent of this revision is to define an acquisition environment that makes DoD the smartest, most responsive buyer of the best goods and services, that meet our warfighters’ needs, at the best dollar value over the life of the product.

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