Acquisition Systems Protection Program

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DL1.1.9. Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL). A letter required as
part of the Technology Assessment/Control Plan, prepared by the cognizant DoD Component, that provides detailed guidance regarding releasibility of all elements of the system or technology in question.

The DDL must be approved by Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USD(P)) before any promise or release of sensitive technology.

DL1.1.10. Essential Program Information, Technologies, and/or Systems
(EPITS). That information about the program, technologies, and/or systems that if compromised would degrade combat effectiveness or shorten the expected
combat-effective life of the system. Access to this information could allow someone to kill, counter or clone the acquisition system before or near scheduled deployment or force a major design change to maintain the same level of effectiveness.

DL1.1.11. Foreign Intelligence Collection Threat. The potential of a foreign
power, organization, or person to overtly or covertly collect information about U.S. acquisition program technologies, capabilities, and methods of employment that could be used to develop a similar weapon system or countermeasures to the U.S. system or related operations

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