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CHAPTER 2: Engineering Life Cycle Requirements

2.1 Pre-Phase A & Phase A: Advocacy and Formulation

2.1.1 As stated in Chapter 1, Dryden enters into projects at various stages of their development lifecycle. Regardless of their maturity, all Dryden projects are required to follow a standard advocacy and formulation process as described in DCP-P-012, Project Approval & Execution. While many of the activities and products of the advocacy and formulation process are programmatic in nature, there are systems engineering activities (i.e., planning) that occur during this phase that are critical to the ultimate success of a project.

2.1.2 Required Documentation The following items shall be documented in the formulation process by the project team. The format for the documentation of these items may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the formulation timeline. The following items should be identified in a draft Project Plan (see DCP-P-025, Project Managers’ Handbook, for a description) prior to project implementation approval:
a. Project technical objectives – Determined by negotiation with the stakeholders / customers. Includes project success and failure criteria.
b. Preliminary technical approach – Initial identification of the technical work required to meet the project objectives.
c. Preliminary technical risk assessment – Identification of the risk associated with the preliminary technical approach.
d. Preliminary Ops Concept The following items should be identified in the draft SEMP:
a. Draft top-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – An organized identification of top-level project technical elements aligned with the preliminary technical approach.
b. Preliminary review plan – A plan for technical reviews will be negotiated with the Dryden Chief Engineer during the formulation process.

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