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This handbook is intended to supplement the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF). While the DoDAF defines what should be developed as an architecture description, it does not define the process for building the architecture description. This handbook is a process guide that describes one method for developing information technology (IT) architectures to meet DoDAF requirements. This handbook, based on the Structured Analysis and Design Technique, provides a step-by-step guide for building IT architectures. It should be used as a starting point for developing DoDAF-compliant Command, Service, and Agency (C/S/A) architectures that allow IT interoperability assessments, support IT decision-making, and meet Global Integrated Grid (GIG) and DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) requirements. The process focuses on gathering information and building models required to conduct analyses supporting such objectives. While the handbook describes the building of DoDAF-compliant products, its real emphasis is on the interrelationship of these products and their use in describing an integrated architecture consisting of an Operational View (OV), Systems View (SV), and Technical Standards View (TV).

This process guide responds to concerns raised by C/S/A architecture organizations, many of which expressed the need for a common process that discusses how to build Framework products into complete and workable architectures. It was produced by Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Defense as an outgrowth of its support to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration (NII)/DoD CIO in developing the GIG Architecture. Handbook contents represent the combined experience of a number of architecture builders, as refined during development of GIG Architecture Version 1.

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