NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements

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1.3 Systems Engineering Management Plan

A Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) is used to establish the technical content of the engineering work early in the Formulation phase for each project and updated throughout the project life cycle. The SEMP provides the specifics of the technical effort and describes what technical processes will be used, how the processes will be applied using appropriate activities, how the project will be organized to accomplish the activities, and the cost and schedule associated with accomplishing the activities. The process activities are driven by the critical or key events during any phase of a life cycle (including operations) that set the objectives and work product outputs of the processes and how the processes are integrated. (See Chapter 6 for a description of the SEMP and Appendix D for an annotated outline for the SEMP.) The SEMP provides the communication bridge between the project management team and the technical implementation teams and within technical teams. The SEMP provides the framework to realize the appropriate work products that meet the entry and exit criteria of the applicable project life-cycle phases and provides management with necessary information for making decisions.

1.4 Document Organization

This SE NPR is organized into the following chapters.
a. The Preface describes items such as the applicability, scope, authority, and references of this SE NPR.
b. The Prologue describes the purpose and vision for this SE NPR.
c. Chapter 1 describes the SE framework and introduces the SEMP.
d. Chapter 2 describes the institutional and programmatic requirements, including roles and responsibilities.
e. Chapter 3 describes the core set of common Agency-level technical processes and requirements for engineering NASA system products throughout the product life cycle. Appendix C contains supplemental amplifying material.
f. Chapter 4 describes the activities and requirements to be accomplished by assigned NASA technical teams or individuals (NASA employees and their service support contractors) when performing technical oversight of a prime or external contractor.
g. Chapter 5 describes the technical review requirements throughout the program and project life cycles.
h. Chapter 6 describes the SEMP, including the SEMP role, functions, and content. Appendix D provides details of a generic SEMP annotated outline. NPR 7123.1A

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