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Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework

[document] Submitted on 25 March, 2017 - 20:52
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1.1 Purpose of the Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework
The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) has developed the Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) to provide:
• A framework for producing an Enterprise Architecture (EA)
• Guidance for developing and using an EA
• Guidance for managing EA activities

The TEAF provides guidance to the Department and its bureaus in developing enterprise architectures that:
• Meet the needs of each bureau
• Fulfill federal requirements
• Are consistent and comparable across the Department, including the bureaus and offices

The Department of the Treasury consists of bureaus and offices that can be considered individual enterprises. The Department is itself an enterprise with its own department-level functions, and synchronizes related activities across its constituent bureaus and offices.
An EA provides the enterprise with a foundation for two essential activities:
• Performing strategic planning and investment management
• Providing direction for systems engineering activities in support of business needs

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The purpose of the TEAF is to provide a framework for Treasury, its bureaus, and DO to produce their enterprise architectures. An enterprise architecture offers important benefits to an agency, capturing information needed for planning and decision making and providing high-level views to help communicate the complexity of large systems.
The audience for the TEAF is the Department of the Treasury, its operating bureaus, and DO.

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