Military Handbook- Review and Acceptance of Engineering Drawing Packages (EDPs)

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General Requirements

4.1 EDP.
If not already in existence, some form of engineering drawing will be prepared by the manufacturer or system developer at the start of a program. During the concept/exploration and demonstration/validation stages of system development, the drawing package may contain only enough detail to permit design evaluations and cost projections. As the design progresses and the program moves through full scale engineering development and finally into production, the drawings become more and more detailed. The drawing levels described in DoD-D-1OOO enable the EDP to follow this progression from design concept to production. They are: Level 1, Conceptual or Development Design; level 2, Production Prototype or Limited Production; and level 3, Production.

4.2 Reviewing the EDP.
From its inception to its disposal, the EDP is a dynamic set of documents. As a program progresses, design changes are made, manufacturing difficulties are encountered, technology changes, and drawing errors are located. All of these events require the design activity to change the EDP. Regardless of the reason for changes, the EDP must be continuously reviewed to ensure that it accurately depicts the article in its current configuration.

4.3 Principal phases of EDP reviews. The principal phases of the review process for EDP’s are:
a.Selection of reviewing activity and review of contract requirements.
b.Contractor indoctrination.
c.Technical reviews.
d.Documenting discrepant EDP’s.
e.Final review.
f.Recommending acceptance or rejection of the EDP.

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