Military Handbook- Human Factors Engineering Design for Army Materiel (notice of change 1992)

Keywords army materiel engineering design human factors military handbook Integrally-lighted subpanels.
Integrally-lighted subpanels should be designed so that all panel markings are equally visible throughout the range of panel light level adjustment; and brightness variation among separate subpanels on the same lighting circuit should not exceed 1:7. Large, single-pictorial, graphic panels.
Large, single-pictorial graphic panels used to display items such as system processing o-r communications networks should comply with criteria for visibility, legibility, color, and illumination as specified herein. Re-lamping.
When incandescent lamps are used as the source for integral lighting of panel assemblies, lamps should be readily accessible without removing the panel(s). There should be a sufficient number of lamps provided so that failure of one lamp will not cause the display to be unreadable.

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Holders of MIL-HDBK-759B will verify that page changes and additions indicated above have been entered. This notice page will be retained as a check sheet. This issuance, together with appended pages, is a separate publication. Each notice is to be retained by stocking points until the military standard is completely revised or canceled.

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