Military Handbook- Human Factors Engineering Design for Army Materiel (notice of change 1993)

Keywords army materiel engineering design human factors military handbook Scale linearity.
Scales should be graduated linearly even if the function being controlled is non-linear. If the non-linearity of the function causes too much scale compression making readout or adjustment difficult, another type of device such as a moving tape indicator would be preferred over use of a non-linear scale. Scale marking and numbering. Graduation markings.
Scale graduations should be in increments of 1, 2, or 5 units or decimal multiples thereof (except as noted in No more than three sizes of marks should be used on any scale. The scales which require three sizes of marks include those which have numbered values in multiples of 10 but are graduated in 5° and 10° intervals. The number of graduation marks between numbered marks (not to exceed nine) are presented in Table 21, and illustrations of scales graduated in various ways are provided in Figure 27.

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