MIL STD- Engineering Management

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Detailed Requirements

A fully integrated engineering effort meeting the general criteria of Section 4 shall be planned and executed.
5.1 System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)
A System Engineering Management Plan for satisfying the requirements of this Standard shall be submitted as a separate and complete entity within the contractor's proposal. The plan shall be comprehensive and describe fully how a fully integrated engineering effort will be managed and conducted. The SEMP shall be in three parts:

Part I
Technical Program Planning and Control. This portion of the plan shall identify organizational responsibilities and authority for system engineering management, including control of subcontracted engineering; levels of control established for performance and design requirements and the control method to be used; technical program assurance methods; plans and schedules for design and technical program reviews; and control of documentation.

Part II
System Engineering Process. The plan shall contain a detailed description of the process to be used, including the specific tailoring — of the process to the requirements of the system and project; the procedures to be used h implementing the process; in-house documentation; the trade study methodology; the types of mathematical and/or simulation models to be used for system and cost effectiveness evaluations; and the generation of specifications.

Part III
Engineering Specialty Integration. The integration and coordination of the program efforts for the engineering specialty areas, to achieve a best mix of the technical/performance values incorporated in the contract, shall be described in the SEMP with the detailed specialty program plans being summarized or referenced, as appropriate. The SEMP shall depict the integration of the specialty efforts and parameters into the system engineering process and show their consideration during each iteration of the process. Where the specialty programs overlap, the SEMP shall define the responsibilities and authorities of each.

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1. Scope
1.1 Purpose
This standard provides the program manager:
(a) Criteria for evaluating engineering planning and output
(b) A means for establishing an engineering effort and a System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP).
(c) Task statements that may be selectively applied to an acquisition program.

1.2 Application
This standard may be applied to at the discretion of the program manager to any system or major equipment program or project. When this standard is applied on a contract, the prime contractor may, at his option, or as specified by the Government, impose tailored requirements of this standard on subcontractors.

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