MIL STD- Logistic Support Analysis (Notice 2)

Keywords logistic support Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) LSA

204.1 PURPOSE.
To identify and evaluate design opportunities for improvement of supportability characteristics and requirements in the new system/equipment.

204.2 Task Description
204.2.1 Establish design technology approaches to achieve supportability improvements on the new system/equipment over existing systems and subsystems. These design approaches shall be established
through the following:

a. Identifying technological advancements and other design improvements which can be exploited in the new system/equipment's development and which have the potential for reducing logistic support resource requirements, reducing costs, reducing environmental impact, or enhancing system readiness.
b. Estimating the resultant improvements that would be achieved in the supportability, cost, environmental impact, and readiness values.
c. Identifying design improvements to logistic elements (such as support equipment and training devices) that can be applied during the new system/equipments development to increase the effectiveness of the support system or enhance readiness.

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MIL -STD-1388-1A
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