MIL STD- Work Measurement (1983)

Keywords MIL STD- Work Measurement

4. General Requirements
4.1 General
Minimum requirements which must be met in the implementation of an acceptable work measurement program are:

a. An explicit definition of standard time shall apply throughout the jurisdiction of work measurement.
b. A work measurement plan and supporting procedures
c. A clear designation of the organization and personnel responsible for execution of the system.
d. A plan to establish and maintain engineered labor standards to known accuracy.
e. A plan to conduct methods engineering studies to improve operations to upgrade Type II labor standards to Type I Engineerd Labor Standards in accordance with requirement of paragraph 5.4
f. A defined plan for use of labor standard sas an input to budgeting, estimating, production planning, and 'touch labor' performance evaluation.
g. A plan to ensure that system data is corrected when labor standards are revised according to paragraph 5.11 below

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1.1 Purpose
This standard requires the application of a disciplined work measurement program as a ensnarement tool to improve productivity on those contracts to which it is applied. It establishes criteria which must be met bye the contractor's work measurement programs provides guidance for implementation of these techniques and their use in assuring cost effective development and production of systems and equipments.

1.2 Applicability
This standard is applicable to new/follow-on contracts, includes, including modifications, as shown in paragraphs 1.2a, 1.2b, 1,2c, and 1.2.1 below. The dollar thresholds indicated are to be based on the current Five Year Defense Program (FYDP) budget submissions.

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