Electromagnetic Interference Test Report (EMITR)

Keywords electromagnetic interference electromagnetic interference test


1. Format. Contractor format is acceptable.

2. Content. The EMITR shall contain the following:

2.1. Administrative data. The EMITR shall contain an administrative section covering the

a. Contract number.

b. Authentication and certification of performance of the tests by a qualified representative of
the procuring activity.

c. Disposition of the Equipment Under Test (EUT).

d. Description of the EUT, including its function, characteristics, intended installation, actual
cable types (characteristics and construction details - see of MIL-STD-461), and
electrical current usage on each power input line.

e. List of tests performed with pass/fail indications.

f. Any approved deviations from contractual test procedures or limits previously authorized.

g. Identification of Non-Developmental Items (NDI) and Government Furnished Equipment
(GFE) that may be part of the EUT.

h. Traceability of test equipment calibration.

i. A reference to the approved EMI test procedure (EMITP).

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The EMITR provides the data and information necessary to evaluate
compliance of an equipment or subsystem with its electromagnetic interference (EMI) control
requirements based on MIL-STD-461, including the discussion of recommended corrective
actions, if needed.

This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for
the EMITR required by 5.1 of MIL-STD-461.

This DID is related to DI-EMCS-80199B, Electromagnetic Interference Control Procedures
(EMICP), and DI-EMCS-80201B, Electromagnetic Interference Test Procedures (EMITP).

This DID supersedes DI-EMCS-80200A.

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