Computer Program End Item Documentation

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1. Reference documents: None

2. Format: The documentation shall be in contractor format.

3. Content:

3.1 Computer listings. A program listing for each computer program in the assembler
compiler language as specified in the contract. These listings shall include:

3.1.1 Source programs. A listing containing comments in sufficient detail to allow
for easy modification of the program and furnish insight into the relationship of
a section of the operation of the total system.

3.1.2 Object programs. Listing of all object programs in the same format as the
source programs. Listings shall be annotated to allow for easy reference
or comparison to the source coding for that particular program.

3.1.3 Executable programs. All executable programs and databases shall be
developed on the media as specified by the DD Form 1423.

4. END OF DI-IPSC-80590B

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Computer program end item documentation defines the requirements for documentation to accompany the delivery of software end items.

This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for each tech data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract.

This DID is applicable for contracts which specify delivery of software developed for the Government.

This DID supersede DI-IPSC-80590A.

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