The Management Plan

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3.4 Program management.

The plan shall present an organizational chart and supporting
narrative describing the management office the contractor establishes to manage the
contractual commitments. The plan shall define the direct lines of control,
responsibilities, functional relationships, and authority between the management office
and the contractor’s other organizational elements. The plan shall also describe all
interfaces between the contractor and the Government and between the contractor and
other contractors which are necessary and pertinent to the accomplishment of contractual
tasks, projects and programs.

3.5 Methodology.

a. The plan include a narrative description of the technical approach or methods the
contractor will employ to accomplish contractual tasks, projects, and programs,
including, as applicable, development, tests, manufacture, construction,
formulation, installation, logistics support, training, maintenance documentation,
and configuration controls.

b. The plan shall include a milestone chart graphically depicting the schedule of
events associated with accomplishing each contractual commitment.

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Use/relationship: The management plan describes the contractor’s organization,
assignment of functions, duties, and responsibilities, management procedures and
policies, and reporting requirements for the conduct of contractually-imposed tasks,
projects, or programs.

This Data Item Description (DID) contains format and content preparation instructions
for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated
in the contract.

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