Contract Invoicing and Payment Report

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Content. This report shall include:

a. A listing of each CLIN and subline item number (SLIN) along with the following
information for each CLIN/SLIN:
1. ACRN for the CLIN/SLIN.
2. Total CLIN/SLIN value as contained in the contract.
3. CLIN/SLIN funded amount.
4. Cumulative amount invoiced for the CLIN/SLIN.
5. CLIN/SLIN funds remaining. (Difference between CLIN/SLIN funded and invoiced
6. Percent invoiced of funded amount. (Invoiced amount as a percentage of funded
7. Deductions for the period. (Amount of any performance deductions taken against the
CLIN/SLIN during the reporting period)
8. Cumulative total of all deductions taken against the CLIN/SLIN.
9. Amount of payment received against the CLIN/SLIN.

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Use/relationship: The Contract Invoicing and Payment Report collects financial and accounting
information associated with contract line item numbers (CLINs) and accounting requirements
classification numbers (ACRNs) within an awarded contract, which will be used to manage
obligations, disbursements, un-liquidated obligations, and canceling accounts associated with
appropriated funds.

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