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Standards groups Corona Prevention (High Voltage/High Current)
a. Corona prevention shall be as follows:
(1) When equipment is terminated with the cabling or other accessory equipment, with which
it is intended to be used, and when operated under the specified service conditions of
humidity, temperature, condensation and barometric pressure with the specified power
source frequencies and voltages (including commonly recurring transients), the corona
level shall be compatible with the specified electromagnetic interference requirements.
(2) The corona level shall not degrade the equipment performance beyond the specified
limits and shall not produce long-term degradation of the properties of materials or parts
that may cause premature equipment failure.
(3) The corona extinction voltage shall be at least 150 percent of the peak circuit voltage,
corresponding to the maximum specified steady-state root mean square supply voltage, at
any point that does not involve materials resistant to the effects of corona.
(4) Corona inception and extinction voltages shall be in accordance with ASTM D1868.

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This specification is the technical baseline for ground based electronic equipment acquired for
applications in the National Airspace System (NAS). This specification defines the conditions under which electronic equipment must operate satisfactorily and reliably: identifies acceptable fabrication materials and processes, selection and application of parts, installation of equipment, and methods to verify electronic equipment meets requirements. Individual electronic equipment specifications must identify applicable requirements of this specification. This specification is intended for use in the procurement of all electronics hardware, prototype systems, developmental equipment or commercial offthe shelf integrated systems, delivered in any quantity to satisfy an established air traffic need or proof of concept configuration.

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