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Over the last 5 years Systems Engineering has begun to be more widely recognised in Switzerland. The SSSE have seen their membership increase rapidly, and the attendance at the Swiss Systems Engineering day almost doubled from 120 participants in 2014, when it was first held, to 210 participants in 2016. Meanwhile SSSE membership over the same period went up from 41 to 80 members. However, despite this growth the numbers are small and the vast majority of Swiss companies remain unaware of Systems Engineering as a discipline. In addition, in most cases, the activities falling under the SE umbrella are still carried out by a combination of Project Managers and developers, without any formal recognition of SE principles and methodology. Most of those companies who have begun to embrace Systems Engineering methodology are still in a SE start-up phase, where the first generation of Systems Engineers are drawn from their own pool of developers.

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Role and Role definition for Systems Engineers is not widely understood in Switzerland. This was the topic of the round table in Systems Engineering on August 21th, 2017 and the outcome is presented in this paper.

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