This document is intended during its development to be a discussion document between the Submarine Search and Rescue Capability (SSRC) stakeholders of the Royal Botswan Navy, leading to the consolidated, published view of these stakeholders on the intended users, specific intended uses, how the SSRC is to be used for each intended use, and the environment within which the SSRC is intended or expected to be used.

Example SSRC OSD

The SSRC is divided into the following main segments:
a) Satellite Segment responsible for the detection and location of transmissions from an Emergency Communications Buoy (ECB) as well as the distribution of the alert and location data to a Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC);
b) Submarine Command Segment consisting of the Submarine Operations Command, the Submarine Safety Agency and the Rescue Coordination Centre;
c) Rescue Segment consisting of all the rescue execution elements;
d) Submarine Segment including the distressed submarine and the ECB; and


This CONEMP is intended to provide an early reference for fitness for purpose during SSRC development.

Example SSRC CapSyRS

The SSRC is intended to be used primarily by the RBN Submarine Operations Command (SubOpsCom), a part of the Navy Command of the Botswan Defence Force (BDF), for submarine search and rescue purposes, in conjunction with its Oberon Class and Collins Class submarines. The operational concept is that, when an on-board submarine emergency occurs, the SSRC detects the existence of the emergency, establishes the location of the submarine, plans a response based on the nature of the emergency, and implements that response.