IEEE Std 990 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Ada as a Program Design Language


From IEEE Software Engineering Standards Collection:

IEEE Std 990. This recommended practice provides recommendations reflecting state-of-the-art and alternate approaches to good practice for characteristics of Program Design Languages (PDLs) based on the syntax and semantics of the Ada Programming Language. In this document, these are referred to as Ada PDLs.

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IDEF2 Simulation Model Design

The third IDEF (IDEF2) was originally intended as a user interface modeling method. However, since the [node:1369] Program needed a simulation modeling tool, the resulting IDEF2 was a method for representing the time varying behavior of resources in a manufacturing system, providing a framework for specification of math model based simulations. It was the intent of the methodology program within ICAM to rectify this situation but limitation of funding did not allow this to happen. As a result, the lack of a method which would support the structuring of descriptions of the user view of a system has been a major shortcoming of the IDEF system. The basic problem from a methodology point of view is the need to distinguish between a description of what a system (existing or proposed) is supposed to do and a representative simulation model that will predict what a system will do. The latter was the focus of IDEF2, the former is the focus of IDEF3.