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Def Stan 02-8 (NES 8) - Guide for the Preparation of Documents of Technical Requirements for the Development of Systems and Equipment

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DEF STAN 02-8 (NES8)
Issue 1
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defence standard
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This U.K. DEFSTAN 02-8 (NES8) Issue 2 requirements specification standard "Guide for the Preparation of Statements of Technical Requirements for the Development of Systems and Equipment", whilst containing some appropriate advice in places, overall is of low standard. This guide is included on this CDROM for background only and is not recommended for use in acquisition or engineering.

Specific weaknesses of DEFSTAN 02-8 (NES8) Issue 2 April 2000 are a disconnect between the title of the standard and the content of the standard, very poor structural advice, confusion between requirements on the contractor, the ship, and other things, inadequate provision for different types of requirements, and inadequate functional orientation.

Review: Robert J Halligan FIA Aust, 7 September 2002

Director of Naval Architecture Procurement Executive, Ministry of Defence Foxhill, Bath BA1 5AB
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