IEEE Std 1058.1-1987 IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans

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IEEE Std 1058.1-1987
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This standard specifies the format and contents of software project management plans. It does not specify the exact techniques to be used in developing project plans, nor does it provide examples of project management plans. This standard is applicable to all types of software projects; applicability is not limited to projects that develop operational versions of new products. Application of this standard is not limited by project size. It contains three sections. Section 1 defines the scope of the standard and provides references to other IEEE standards that should be followed when applying this standard. Section 2 provides definitions of terms that are used throughout the standard. Section 3 contains an overview and a detailed specification of the standard, including required components that must be included, and optional components that may be included in project plans based on this standard. The sequence of project plan elements presented in Section 3 does not imply that project plans should be developed in the order of presentation. In most instances, project plans based on this standard will be developed by repeated iteration and refinement of the various elements in the plan.

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