IEEE Std 982.1-1988 - IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software

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IEEE Std 982.1-1988
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The standard provides a set of measures indicative of software reliability that can be applied to the software product as well as to the development and support processes. There is a need for measures than can be applied early in the development process that may be indicators of the reliability of the delivered product. The standard provides a common, consistent definition of a set of measures that may meet those needs. The document contains four sections. Section 1: Scope, establishes the goals and boundaries of the standard. Section 2: Definitions, serves as a central location for key terms used throughout the body of the document. Section 3: Functional Classification of Measures, provides a taxonomy with respect to measure objectives. Section 4: Measures for Reliable Software, presents the measures ordered in general by complexity.

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