NATO Architecture Framework (NAF)

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1.4.2 NATO Strategic Vision
Future military forces must be agile, joint and expeditionary in character and design. They must be capable of operating across the spectrum of conflict, rapidly deployable and sustainable for whatever duration and tempo of operations, technologically superior, supported via an integrated logistics system and capable of operating in a networked environment. These forces must be rapidly tailorable and fully interoperable with other military forces and capable of interacting seamlessly with civil authorities, nongovernmental organisations and other agencies in the joint operations area.

Decision superiority necessitates a force that is organised, trained and equipped to operate in a collaborative, globally integrated common operational network. This network must link military forces, government and non-government agencies, and others in a seamless planning, assessment and execution environment. The provision of enabling technology to provide for the seamless exchange of information is critical. Interoperability and interconnectivity will be key enablers to achieving
decision superiority.

Network-enabled capability is critical to the rapid delivery of military effects and will allow powerful new combinations of combat power. The realization of the strategic vision will be the transformation of NATO and National capabilities into a NNEC environment.

The strategic vision transforms the way operational and business processes are considered to a more holistic view of required capabilities and away from a systemoriented paradigm. This holistic approach requires a framework to guide development of the capabilities in a consistent and Network enabled manner.

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