Systems Engineering – A Key to Competitive Advantage for All Industries

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The Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering – German Chapter of INCOSE, the Netherlands Chapter of INCOSE and the Division of Astronautics of the Technische Universität München are proud to host the 2nd European Systems Engineering Conference. In autumn 1997, around 250 engineers came together in Noordwijk, the Netherlands for the first European Systems Engineering event co-organized by ESA and INCOSE. Today, new product development is challenged by a highly dynamic environment with increased global competition, shorter life cycles, more demanding customers and users, and more complex and integrated processes and products. Developing successful products under these constraints requires highly integrated and interrelated processes, tools, methods, and knowledge systems. Therefore, more and more companies have improved their ways of engineering a system, applying principles of »Systems Engineering« to both products and development processes. Hence, previously distinct industries like aerospace, automotive, telecommunication, computer, and others are not only growing together, but can and should learn from each other in order to make Systems Engineering their competitive advantage. Consequently, the purpose of this 2nd European Systems Engineering Conference is to bring together engineers, project managers, practitioners, and researchers who are interested in the business application and advances of Systems Engineering in order to successfully develop integrated products

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INCOSE is an international organization formed to develop, nurture, and enhance the interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. INCOSE works with industry, academia, and government to: • provide a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge • promote collaboration in systems engineering education and research • assure the establishment of professional standards for integrity and in the practice of systems engineering • encourage governmental and industrial support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice We are a dynamic and growing organization, having been in existence for 10 short years. Our growth has exceeded 3,300 members in 20 countries and 37 chartered chapters plus the SESA (with two more chapters on the way). The local chapters, volunteer committees, and working groups provide the energy and direction for the organization.

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