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Kapos Associates Incorporated


From SM&A Corporation Acquires Kapos Associates, Inc.:

Strategic Step in Building SM&A's Operations Research And
War Gaming Capabilities

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- SM&A Corporation
(Nasdaq: WINS), the nation's premier provider of integrated proposal
management, systems engineering and information technology solutions, today
announced that it has acquired Kapos Associates, Inc. ("KAI"). Privately
held, KAI is an operations research, war gaming and systems analysis firm that
provides management support services to senior decision-makers in government
and their counterparts in the private sector.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, KAI operates
field offices in San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. KAI has a core
staff of 35 highly experienced personnel and, depending on the assignment,
augments its professional staff with other seasoned consultants to customize
its project teams to meet the particular skill set needed for each client
KAI has a strong record of performance in a broad range of tasks
supporting cabinet-level policy makers and clients from the Office of the
Secretary of Defense, the uniformed services, the commanders-in-chief of the
combatant commands, other defense agencies, the Treasury Department, the
Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the
National Interagency Counternarcotics Institute, foreign governments and U.S.

Dr. Peter Pin-Shan Chen

Related standards/methodologies

The initial approach to IDEF information modeling (IDEF1) was published by the ICAM program in 1981, based on current research and industry needs. The theoretical roots for this approach stemmed from the early work of Edgar F. Codd on relational theory and Peter Chen on the entity-relationship model. The initial IDEF1 technique was based on the work of Dr. R.R. Brown and Mr. T.L. Ramey of Hughes Aircraft and Mr. D.S. Coleman of D. Appleton & Company, with critical review and influence by Charles Bachman, Peter Chen, Dr. M.A. Melkanoff, and Dr. G.M. Nijssen.