Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE)

IEEE Std 1209-1992 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Evaluation and Selection of CASE Tools [Draft]


From IEEE Software Engineering Standards Collection:

This recommended practice provides individuals and organisations a process for the evaluation and selection of computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools. The recommended practice addresses the evaluation and selection of tools supporting software engineering processes including project management processes, development processes and integral processes.

Dr. Peter Pin-Shan Chen

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The initial approach to IDEF information modeling (IDEF1) was published by the ICAM program in 1981, based on current research and industry needs. The theoretical roots for this approach stemmed from the early work of Edgar F. Codd on relational theory and Peter Chen on the entity-relationship model. The initial IDEF1 technique was based on the work of Dr. R.R. Brown and Mr. T.L. Ramey of Hughes Aircraft and Mr. D.S. Coleman of D. Appleton & Company, with critical review and influence by Charles Bachman, Peter Chen, Dr. M.A. Melkanoff, and Dr. G.M. Nijssen.