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You can flexibly search the names and identifiers over over 4.5GB of mainly systems engineering-related documents - for example handbooks, guides, papers and standards. SEG account holders can download these documents. The scope of the search also includes records of key systems engineering documents such as some standards and handbooks that cannot be provided for download for reasons of IP status.
Document identifier Type Title Date Author(s) Size
DPR-7123.1-001 Revision C   Systems Engineering Requirements Document 2016-03-01 642.17 KB
  Leveraging Standards And Technology In Support Of The Risk Management Framework: Transitioning to ISO / IEC / IEEE-15288:2015 2015-03-09 687.29 KB
  PPI-005600-3 Example SSRC CapSyRS 150105 2015-01-05 1.23 MB
Data Item Description (DID)   Australian Systems Engineering Workshop 2015 2.71 MB
  BKCASE 2015 214.92 KB
  PPI-005606-4 Example SSRC CONUSE 141231.pdf 2014-12-31 1.22 MB
Data Item Description (DID)   Joint Working Group for DoD Systems Engineering Standardization 2014-11-04 Geoff Draper 821.58 KB
presentation   Agile SE Life Cycle Model Development 2014-10-30 328.22 KB
USAF SMC/EN   DoD Systems Engineering Standardization Initiative 2014-10-30 849.54 KB
In-House Report   Assurance Policy Evaluation- Spacecraft and Strategic Systems 2014-09-17 2.1 MB