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Each standard's page acts as a folder with rich information about a standard or methodology, and possibly many versions of its defining documents. Follow search result links to an item's focus page to find: superseded standards; cancelled, replaced, and amended documents; related standards and documents; and related organisations.
Status Type Title Sort descending Defining document(s) External resource Date created
obsolescent standard Def Stan 00-55: "Requirements for Safety Related Software in Defence Systems" 2010-03-01
standard Def Stan 00-56: "Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems" 2010-03-01
extant/interim standard Def Stan 00-60: "Integrated Logistic Support" 2010-03-01
cancelled standard Def Stan 02-8: "Guide for the Preparation of Statements of Technical Requirements for the Development of Systems and Equipment" 2010-02-27
cancelled standard Def Stan 05-28: "NATO Guide to the Preparation of Specifications for the Procurement of Defence Materiel" 2010-03-05
standard Def Stan 05-57: "Configuration Management of Defence Materiel" 2010-03-05
standard Def Stan 05-61: "Quality Assurance Procedural Requirements" 2010-03-05
obsolescent standard Def Stan 05-91: "Quality System Requirements for Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing" 2010-03-05
obsolescent standard Def Stan 05-95: "Quality System Requirements for the Design Development, Supply and Maintenance of Software" 2010-03-05
cancelled standard Def Stan 05-97: "Requirements for Deliverable Quality Plans" 2010-03-05