IEEE Std 1063-1987 - IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation

[external] Submitted on 28 March, 2010 - 10:24
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IEEE Std 1063-1987
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Two factors motivated the development of this standard: the concern of the software user communities over the poor quality of much user documentation, and a need for requirements expressed by producers of documentation. This standard applies only to traditional documentation, either printed on paper or stored in some other medium in the format of a printed document and used in a manner analogous to the way a printed document is used. This standard does not cover the actual writers and publishers of user documentation. The responsibility for ensuring that satisfactory software user documentation is produced rests with the organization that generates the software. Responsibility for ensuring that software user documentation is satisfactorily updated rests with the organization that repairs or modifies the software. Configuration management of the documentation is outside the scope of this standard.

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