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You can flexibly search the names and identifiers over over 4.5GB of mainly systems engineering-related documents - for example handbooks, guides, papers and standards. SEG account holders can download these documents. The scope of the search also includes records of key systems engineering documents such as some standards and handbooks that cannot be provided for download for reasons of IP status.
Document identifier Type Title Date Author(s) Size
PPI-005696-6 Data Item Description (DID)   Data Item Description (DID): Requirements Traceability Report in System Design (RTR-SD) 2020-10-14 423.62 KB
PPI-005695-5 Data Item Description (DID)   Data Item Description (DID): Requirements Traceability Report - Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA) 2020-10-08 337.99 KB
handbook   Systems Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering 2020-10-06 882.88 KB
DOI: 10.1109/UBMK50275.2020.9219438   Practical Suggestions to Successfully Adopt the CMMI V2.0 Development for Better Process, Performance, and Products 2020-10 2.63 MB
PPA-004611-6 Data Item Description (DID)   Data Item Description (DID): Interface Design Description (IDD) 2020-09-30 242.59 KB
PPA-002235-16 Data Item Description (DID)   SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION (SyRS) 2020-09-30 412.79 KB
  What to expect from SysML v2? 2020-09-28 2.1 MB
TOR-2020-01577 Data Item Description (DID)   The Model Portfolio Management 2020-09-18 Albert C. Hoheb, Alexander K. Chang, Misak Zetilyan, and Jordan Howie 1.1 MB
  Application of MBSE to Oil and Gas Project / Product Management Cycle – A model-based development approach for engineering management and design 2020-09 Funmilola Adeoti Asa 36.16 MB