Data Item Description (DID): Requirements Traceability Report - Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA)

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The Requirements Traceability Report in Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA) describes the “is a restatement of” set of relationships between the originating requirements information input to a requirements analysis and the
appearance of that information in the set of requirements that are the primary output of the requirements analysis. The input information is often in original form from users and other stakeholders, and often captured incrementally
during analysis, whilst the output set of requirements is intended to have the status of having been validated, to be of an objectively adequate standard, and to be effectively organized for the purpose of communication.
The subject of the requirements may be a capability system, a physical (hardware) technology item, software, a service, an interface, or even a material, such as a lubricant. The item may be given a generic name in the
requirements and the RTR-RA, such as “product”, or a name that reflects the nature of the item, such as “aircraft” or “maintenance service”. For brevity, a “system” will be referred to in this Data Item Description. Traceability is a bi-directional relationship between originating requirements and “derived by analysis” requirements.

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